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A Pioneer as for Compressed Air

HYGRO MASTER has pursued manufacturing an outstanding product for meeting the customer demand
as a leading company in the compressed air industry since established.
We introduce reasons why our company is chosen in any period.


Flexibility response capabilities

HYGRO MASTER is completely a building-to-order production for conforming with the installation environment.
We respond flexibly to the customer demand such as installation environment, running costs and so on.


Extensive proposal ability

There are proposals that can only be made by us who responds the various industry customer demand for a long time.
We propose optimum solutions for each customer.


A Pioneer as the industry

HYGRO MASTER which able to supply industry drainless compressed air at first time have had a high evaluation by many customers since established. So we have a pride as a pioneer in the compressed air industry.

Introduction Result

A result that continued spreading from one HYGRO MASTER. This process is our wealth.
HYGRO MASTER is chosen by not only domestic companies, but overseas one.

Product Information

Compressed air dehumidify and deoiling equipment can remove moisture and oil content.

Contact Us

HYGRO MASTER has been delivered to not only domestic companies, but overseas one for a long time.
If you have any questions about your HYGRO MASTER, please feel free to contact us. 

Phone (Japanese Only)